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Paris Art Studies - Paul Cézanne 1839 - 1906

1839 – Born in Aix-en-Provence son of merchant and hat exporter.
1841 – Birth of sister Marie.
1844 –  Marriage of his parents. Enters primary school.
1848 – Father founds bank.
1849-52 – Studies in Saint-Joseph college in Aix.
1852-58 – Studies in college Bourbon, meets and befriends Emile Zola (1840-1902).
1854 – Birth of second sister Rose.
1858 – Zola moves to Paris, but returns for summer holidays.
1859 – Studies law at university in Aix.
1860 – More and more reluctant to study law, tries to convince his father to allow him to study art in Paris.
1861 – Abandons law studies. First visit to Paris.  Visits Salon, meets Pissarro at Suisse Academy.
            Returns to Aix and enters family bank.
1862 – Leaves bank, Resumes painting, returns to Paris but fails entrance exam to Ecole des Beaux Arts.
1863 -  Remains in Paris, exhibits in Salon des Refusés. Copies in Louvre.
1864 – Rejected at Salon, spends most of the year in Aix and L’Estaque near Marseille.
1865 – Spends most of the year in Paris.  Works at Suisse academy.
1866 – Complimented by Manet on his still lives.  Rejected in Salon. Begins open-air painting on banks of Seine.
1867 – Again rejected in Salon. Zola defends him in press articles.
1869 – Meets Hortense Fiquet (1850-1922), part time model at the Académie Suisse.
1870 – Witness at Zola wedding. Avoids conscription at outbreak of war and flees with Hortense to L’Estaque.
– After end of war and the Paris Commune he returns to Paris where he settles near the Halle aux Vins (5th arrdt) where Achille Emperaire, painter friend from Aix briefly stays with him.
1872 – Birth of his son Paul. Rejected by Salon jury. Moves with family to Pontoise where he paints alongside Pissarrro. Late in the year settles in Auvers-sur-Oise.
1873 – Befriends Dr Gachet ( later Van Gogh’s doctor in Auvers). Appears as painter Claude Lantier in Zola’s novel “Le Ventre de Paris”.
1874 – Participates in first Impressionist exhibition, sells « House of the hanged Man » for 100 F. Travels to Aix, returns to Paris.
1875 – Sells to Renoir’s collector Victor Choquet. Stays in Paris often seeing and working with Guillaumin.
1876 – Rejected at Salon, does not join Impressionist exhibition, stays in the south for most of the year.
1877 – Joins 3rd Impressionist exhibition, works with Pissarro in Pontoise. Zola spends summer nearby in L’Estaque.
1878 – Back in Aix and L’Estaque for most of the year. Falls out with his father, asks Zola for financial help. Rejected at Salon. Hortense settled in Marseille. Month-long bronchitis in the summer.
1879 – Works in l’Estaque. Rejected in salon. Returns to Paris from April to December. Visits Zola in his new house in Médan.
1880 – His father visits Zola in Médan.
1881 – May to October spent with Pissarro in Pontoise where he meets Gauguin. Yet another Salon rejection. Studio is now built in new family property Jas de Bouffan near Aix.
1882 – Sees painter Monticelli. Works in L’Estaque with Renoir. Admitted for first time in Salon with self portrait. Visits Zola to whom he entrusts his will. Returns to Aix in October.
1883 – Stays mostly in Aix. Meets Monet and Renoir in the south. Gauguin buys 2 of his paintings from the color merchant Père Tanguy in Paris.
1884 – Mostly in Aix. Salon rejection. Signac buys a painting from Tanguy.
1885 – Mysterious love affair. Returns north with Hortense in country near Vernon, visits Monet and Zola.
1886 – Spends most of the year with Hortense in Gardanne in the south. Zola publishes L”Oeuvre” whose painter protagonist and suicide, Claude Lantier, is in part based on Cézanne. Deeply hurt he breaks off all relations with Zola.  Marries Hortense in April in the presence of his parents.  Death of his father in October. Inherits a fourth of father’s sizable fortune: about
400 000 F.
1887 – Stays mostly in Aix. Shows at Salon des Vingt in Brussels.
1888 – Returns to Paris and paints in the Ile de France. Meets Van Gogh and Gauguin whose painting he disapproves of.
1889 – Shows “Hanged Man’s House” at Paris world fair. Remains in Aix, is visited by Renoir in his country property, the Jas de Bouffan.
1890 – Sends 20 paintings to Salon des Vingt in Brussels. Visits Paris and first and only journey abroad to Switzerland. First signs of diabetes.
1891 – Moves Hortense and his son to Aix, becomes practicing Catholic.

1892 – Visits briefly Fontainebleau.
1893 – In Aix, Paris, Fontainebleau.
1894 – Visits Monet in Giverny where he meets Rodin, Clemenceau and the critic Gustave Geffroy. Argument with Monet who nevertheless buys one of his canvases in Theodore Duret sale. Two of his paintings from Caillebotte bequest refused by French state.
1895 – First important exhibition of his work ever at the Ambroise Vollard gallery, rue Lafitte in Paris. Critical and public failure but recognized as one of the great masters of his generation by the avant garde artists. Stays in Paris from January to June.
1896 – Sojourns in Vichy and Annecy. Meets an admirer the poet Joachim Gasquet. Zola publishes article in Figaro in which Cézanne is mentioned as “grand peintre avorté”.
1897 – Paints near Bibémus caves near Aix. Mother’s death, grieves deeply and abandons family house in Jas de Bouffan.
1898 – Stays mostly in Aix. Second show (60 paintings) at Vollard’s.
1899 – Sends 3 paintings to Salon des Indépendants. Sells Jas de Bouffan, lives in centre of Aix with faithful housekeeper Mme Brémond. Lives simply and frugally while Hortense and Paul spend most of the year in Paris.
1900 – Stays in Aix, exhibits in Paris world Fair. Berlin museum purchases a painting and Maurice Denis paints celebrated “Homage to Cézanne”.
1901 – Exhibits in Salon des Indépendants and  Salon de la Libre Esthétique in Brussels. Buys land and builds last studio outside Aix in les Lauves.
1902 – Exhibits in Salon des Indépendants. Visited by younger painters Emile Bernard and Charles Camoin. Affected by Zola’s death despite their estrangement.
1903 – Stays in Aix.
1904 – Whole room to himself in the new Salon d’Automne in Paris. Shows also at the Salon de la Libre Esthétique in Brussels. Age and diabetes make him increasingly irascible and cranky.
1905 – Shows again at Salon d’Automne and the Indépendants. Finishes one of the “Grandes Baigneuses” that he has been working on for 7 years.
1906 – Shows at Salon d’Automne. Caught by sudden shower while painting, faints, is carried home in cart, conditions worsens and dies on 22 October before his wife and son have time to arrive from Paris.
1907 – Famous retrospective of 57 works at the Salon d’Automne changes course of modern art.

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