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Claude Monet (1840-1926)

Chronolology 1880-1926



1880 – Does not show  at Fifth Impressionist exhibition.  One painting shown at Salon.  Dealer Georges

Petit buys 3 paintings. One man show at offices of review La Vie Moderne.  Paints on Normandy  coast. One–man show at offices of La Vie Moderne weekly magazine published by Charpentier.

1881 – Does not show at Sixth  Impressionist exhibition. Paints on Normandy coast. Moves with Alice and

children from Vétheuil to Poissy.

1882 -  Shows in Seventh  Impressionist exhibition. Paints near Pourville on Normandy coast.

1883 – One man show at Durand-Ruel’s. Painting in Etretat. Moves form Poissy to Giverny.

1884 – Painting in the south at Bordighera and Menton.

1885 – Shows for the first time with dealer Georges Petit. Painting in Etretat.

1886 – Refuses to show in eighth and final  Impressionist exhibition. Shows with Petit. Paints in Holland   

            and Belle-Isle.

1887 – First sales to Boussod & Valadon through Theo Van Gogh. Shows with Petit.

1888 – Painting at Antibes. Shows Antibes landscapes at Boussod & Valadon. Refuses Légion d’Honneur.

1889 – One man show at Boussod & Valadon. Painting in Fresselines on river Creuse. Major retrospective

            at Petit’s – good sales. Begins organizing subscription for purchase of Manet’s Olympia for state.

1890 – Begins grain stack series. Purchases house in Giverny.

1891 – One man show at Durand-Ruel’s includes 15 grain stacks. Paints Poplar series.

1892 – Poplar exhibition at Durand-Ruel’s. paints Rouen Cathedral.  Marries Alice Hochédé.

1893 – Painting Rouen cathedral. Begins construction of water garden in Giverny.

1895 – Painting in Norway. Shows 20 paintings of Rouen cathedral at Durand-Ruel’s along with other work.

1896 –  Painting at Pourville. Begins Early Mornings on the Seine.

1897 -  Continues Early Mornings on the Seine.

1898 – Shows Early Mornings on the Seine and Pourville paintings at Petit’s.

1899 – Begins first series of water garden with footbridge motif. Paints in London at Savoy hotel.

1900 – Painting in London. First water garden paintings shown at Durand-Ruel’s.

1901–  Painting in London. Beginning of considerable alterations of water garden.

1903 – Begins second series of water garden paintings continued until 1908.

1904 – London series shown at Durand-Ruel’s. visits Madrid to see Velasquez.

1908 – Painting in Venice.

1909 – 48 water garden paintings at Durand-Ruel’s.

1911 – Dearth of Alice.

1912 – Venice paintings exhibited at Bernheim Jeune. Cataracts diagnosed in both eyes.

1914 – Begins new studio in garden for execution of monumental water lily series.

1916 – New studio finished.

1918 – First plans to present Water Lily decorations to state.

1920 – Negotiations with state over presentation of the paintings – initial plan to install them in hotel Biron

(Rodin Museum).

1922 – Decorations presented to the state for installation in Orangerie.

1923 – Cataract operation in one eye partly successful. Reworking decorations until death.

1926 – Dies in Giverny in December.



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