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The History of Paris – Architecture, Urbanism, Society - Part 2:

Paris under the Bourbons, Henri IV and Louis XIII, 1589-1643

Course Schedule:  Fridays 10:30 am – 12:00 noon.  Coffee and tea served at gallery sessions between 10:00 and 10:30am.

21 May - Gallery - Henri IV and the modernization of Paris.

28 May - Visit - Hôtels particuliers in the Marais. Meet on place des Vosges, near statue of Louis XIII,

middle of the square. Métro: St Paul (line 1).

4 June  - Gallery - Paris under Louis XIII, Anne of Austria and Richelieu.

11 June - Visit - Baroque painting and the Royal Louvre – Musée du Louvre. Meet by information desk beneath Pyramid with ticket in hand at 10:15 am. Métro: Palais-Royal Louvre.

18 June - Visit - The Marais and the Ile Saint-Louis. Meet exit of métro St Paul (line 1) on rue St Antoine.

23 June -Wednesday 2pm - 3:30pm - The Church and Convent of The Val de Grâce. Meet opposite courtyard of the convent on rue St Jacques (at intersection of rue du Val de Grace). Metro: RER Port Royal (line B). Please bring 5 € for group ticket.



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Paris architecture under Henri IV (1553-1610).  Reign: 1589-1610


First Marais Walk


Place Royale (des Vosges) 1605 – 1612 by Claude Châtillon and Louis Métézeau.

Built by order of Henri IV and inaugurated in 1612 in celebration of the betrothal of Louis XIII with Anne of Austria.

Hôtel de Sully 1624-1629 by Jean Androuet du Cerceau – 62, rue Saint-Antoine 75004

Bought in 1634 by Maximilien de Béthune duc de Sully former prime minister of Henri IV.

Hôtel de Mayenne 1606-1617 by Jacque II or Jean Androuet du Cerceau – 21, rue Saint-Antoine 75004

The property was bought in 1605 by Charles de Lorrainne duc de Mayenne who had the original house entirely rebuilt by du Cerceau. The 2 balconies were added by his successors in 1645-50. The central section of the upper floor was added by the architect Germain Boffrand in 1709 and rather well integrated into the old fashioned Henri IV architecture.

Sainte-Marie de la Visitation 1632-1634 by François Mansart – 17, rue Saint-Antoine 75004

Built for the Sisters of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary from Annecy who settled in Paris on the rue du Petit Musc in 1619, on the site of an older chapel offered to them by Nicolas Bruant in 1621. Awarded to the Protestant church in 1802.

Rue Egihnard 75004. Early 17c bourgeois houses property of the order of the Hospitalières de Sainte Anastase whose initials appear on the wrought iron of the oculi.

Marché Sainte-Catherine founded1784 on the site of the old priory of the Vals des Ecoliers. Late 18th century houses.

Hôtel Carnavalet 1547-1560 by Nicolas Dupuis (?) – 28, rue de Sevigné 75003

Museum of the history of Paris since 1866. Visit to the Henri IV and Louis XIII sections.



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