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Paris Art Studies - Sonia Delaunay 1885 - 1979


1885 - Sara Élievna Stern born in Odessa (Ukraine), youngest in a Jewish family of three children.

1890 - Her parents ask her mother’s brother, Henri Terk, to care for her. She moves in with her uncle’s family in St Petersburg and takes his surname.

1904 - Goes to Germany to study painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsrushe.

1906 - Moves to Paris in the autumn.

1907 - Takes part in a group exhibition organized by dealer Wilhelm Uhde at the Galerie Notre-Dame-des-Champs, along with Braque, Picasso, Derain,

Dufy, Metzinger and Pascin. Meets Robert Delaunay.

1908 - First one-woman show at the Galerie Notre-Dame-des-Champs. Marries Wilhelm Uhde (who is gay) in order to convince her family that she must

stay in Paris, and divorces him the following year.

1910 - Marries Robert Delaunay in Paris. The couple move into 3, Rue des Grands-Augustins.

1911 - Birth of their son Charles.

1912 - Meets the cosmopolitan Swiss poet  Blaise Cendrars at Guillaume Apollinaire’s house.

1913 - Creation of the label Ateliers Simultanés. Wears her simultaneous waistcoats at the popular Bal Bullier on blvd St Michel. Shows at first German

Autumn Salon in Berlin, at Galerie Der Sturm.

1914 - On holiday in the Basque country when war breaks out, the Delaunays decide to stay in Spain. They move into 86, Calle Goya, Madrid.

1915 - In spring, they move to Portugal where they frequent the local avant garde in their "Villa Simultanéa".

1916 - Solo exhibition at the Nya Konstgalleriet, Stockholm.

1917 - Spring: they leave for Barcelona, then Madrid, where they meet up with Serge Diaghilev director of the Ballets Russes. First contacts by letter with

poet Tristan Tzara chief animator of the Zürich Dada movement.

1918 - Opening of Casa Sonia, interior decoration and fashion house at 2, Calle de Columela, Madrid. The ballet Cleopatra by the Ballets Russes opens

with costumes and scenery by Sonia at the London Coliseum.

1919 - Designs more costumes for cabaret and opera in Spain.

1920 - Solo exhibition at the Galerie Der Sturm, Berlin.

1921 - The Delaunays return to France, first to Neuilly-sur-Seine, then to 19, Boulevard Malesherbes, Paris.

1922-1923 - Designs poem-dresses (inspired by poetry by Tzara, Argaon and Huidoboro) and costumes for Dadaist soirées.

1924 - Installs a textile workshop called Simultaneous Studio in her apartment.

1925 - Inauguration of her company Sonia, aka Sonia Delaunay. Along with furrier Jacques Heim and leather worker Girau-Gilbert, she presents the

boutique Simultanée at the Art Deco exhibition. Beginning of her collaboration with Dutch department store Metz & Co.

1926 - Scenery and costumes for the film Le P'tit Parigot filmed in apartment designed by Robert Mallet Stevens.

1929 - The company Sonia Delaunay becomes Tissus Delaunay, and closes down the following year because of financial crisis.

1932 - Exhibition in Paris with new art group founded by Herbin and Vantongerloo, Abstraction-Création. Assists Félix Aublet with interior decoration

and furniture design projects.

1935 - Moves to 16, rue Saint-Simon, in the 7th arrdt, Paris. Exhibits with Robert in Salon de l'art mural.

1937 - Provides a set of large-scale paintings for the Pavillon de l'air and the Pavillon des chemins de fer of the Exposition Internationale des Arts et

Techniques dans la Vie Moderne organized by the Front Populaire government. Receives gold medal for the mural "Porugal".

1938 - Along with Gleizes and Villon, the Delaunays paint monumental pictures for the 15th Salon des Tuileries. This decor is conserved in its entirety

at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. They buy a farm outside Paris in Bazainville.

1940 - As the Germans approach Paris in June the Delaunays leave their farm in Bazainville for Châtel-Guyon, then move to Mougins in September.

1941 - Robert is hospitalized in Montpellier and dies of cancer on 25 October. Sonia joins the Arps and the Magnellis at the Château-Folie in Grasse.

1944 - In Toulouse with Wilhelm Uhde, Jean Cassou (future chief curator of Musée national d'art moderne) and Tristan Tzara.

1945 - 1 January: returns to Paris to the Rue Saint-Simon. Participates in Art concret exhibition at the gallery Drouin.

1946 - Exhibits in 1st Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, whos object is to revive the abstract art movement of the pre-war years.

1946 - 47 - Organizes the first retrospective of works by Robert Delaunay at the Galerie Louis Carré.

1948 - Shows in "Tendances de l'art abstrait" a the Denise René gallery, the formemost Paris art gallery for geometric abstraction of the post-war period.

1949 - Features, along with R. Delaunay, in both versions of the exhibition on abstraction organised by the Galerie Maeght with Andry-Farcy. Publication

of "L’Art abstrait : ses origines, ses premiers maîtres" by Michel Seuphor, who places the Delaunays among the founders of abstract painting.

1951 - Attends first meeting of the groupe Espace founded by André Bloc to preserve and expand the heritage of Constructivism and Neo-Plasticism,

utopian architectural and art movements of the pre-war period.

1953 - Exhibition ‘Le Cubisme, 1907-1919’ at the Musée National d’Art Moderne; Sonia presents four works. Solo exhibition at the Galerie Bing.

1954 - Contributes to the decoration of La Maison de Tunisie at the Paris Cité Universitaire.

1958 - Appointed Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres. First important retrospective of her works presented at the Städtisches Kunsthaus, Bielefeld, Germany.

1962 - Shows 43 gouaches at the Galerie Denise René.

1963 - Meets Jacques Damase who interviews her for a portrait in Vogue.

1964 - 114 works by the Delaunays donated to the Musée National d’Art Moderne de Paris by Sonia and her son Charles.

1965 - Donation of a batch of clothes, textiles and furniture to the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris.

1967 -1968 - "Sonia Delaunay : Rétrospective", is held at the Musée National d’Art Moderne.

1971 - Exhibition of textile prints from the 1920s: ‘Sonia Delaunay : étoffes imprimées des années folles’, Musée de l’Impression sur Étoffes, Mulhouse.

First donation of textiles to the Mulhouse museum.

1973 - Grand Prix des Arts de la Ville de Paris for her entire oeuvre.

1975  - Poster for ‘International Women’s Year’, UNESCO.

1976  - Donation to the Musée National d’Art Moderne, Paris of a batch of engravings and prints.

1977 - Donation by Sonia and Charles Delaunay of Sonia’s library, her archives, drawings, prints and original bindings to the Bibliothèque Nationale (Paris).

Start of collaboration with Artcurial for whom she designs scarves, plates , vases...

1978 - Publishes her autobiography  - "Nous irons jusqu’au soleil (We shallgo up to the sun)" in collaboration with Jacques Damase and Patrick Raynaud.

1979  - "Robert and Sonia Delaunay" exhibition opens in Tokyo. 5 December: dies in Paris


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