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Paris Art Studies - Edouard Manet 1832-1883


1832 – Born in Paris 23 January, son of Auguste Manet (senior civil servant at Ministry of Justice) and Eugénie-Désirée Fournier diplomat’s daughter.

1833 – Birth of his brother Eugène.

1835 -  Birth of his brother Gustave.

1844-48 – Studies at college Rollin. Meets future biographer Antonin Proust.

1849 – Meets Suzanne Leenhoff (1830-1906) young Dutch piano teacher to Manet brothers.

1850 – Studies under Thomas Couture (until 1856) and copies at the Louvre.

1851 – Louis Napoleon Bonaparte president of second Republic becomes Emperor after coup d’état. Manet joins street protests.

1852 – Birth of Léon-Edouard, Suzanne’s illegitimate son. Trip to Holland.

1853 – Travels to Cassel, Dresden, Prague, Vienna, Munich, Venice, Florence (where he copies the Venus of Urbino by Titian) and Rome.

1855 – Visits Delacroix and asks permission to copy the Boat of Dante.

1856 – Shares his first studio with aristocratic animal painter the Comte de Balleroy.

1857 – Meets Fantin-Latour at the Louvre and visits Italy again.

1859 – The Absinthe Drinker is rejected by the Salon despite Delacroix’s favorable opinion. Meets Degas at the Louvre.

1860 – Moves into apartment in Batignolles district with Suzanne and Leo and a new studio on rue de Douai.

1861 – The Guitar Player receives honorable mention at Salon.

The painters Fantin, Legros, Carolus-Duran, Bracquemond and the writers Baudelaire, Champfleury and Duranty express their admiration for the painting. New studio rue Guyot until 1870.

1862 – Exhibits at Martinet gallery, meets professional model Victorine Meurent. His father dies.

1863 – Meets American painter James McNeil Whistler. Opening of Salon des Refusés – exhibits Déjeuner sur l’herbe. Assists at Delacroix’s funeral with Baudelaire. Marries Suzanne in Holland in October.

1864 – Poses for Hommage to Delacroix by Fantin-Latour shown at Salon. Naval battle of Kearsage and Alabama at Cherbourg.  Goncourt brothers visit him and use him as character in Manette Salomon.

1865 -  Shows Olympia at Salon. Very depressed by vehement critics, leaves for Spain.

1866 – Fifer refused by Salon. Meets Cézanne. Zola fired from l’Evenement for defending Manet in his review of Salon.  His work confused with that of Monet by public. Astruc introduces him to Monet. Café Guerbois at Batignolles becomes headquarters of modern painters and writers. Moves his family in with his mother at 49, rue Saint-Petersbourg.

1867 – Organizes exhibition of 50 of his pictures in specially built hall during Paris World fair. Execution of Emperor Maximilian in Mexico. Assists at Baudelaire’s funeral.

1868 – Exhibits Zola’s portrait at Salon. Spends summer in Boulogne. Brief trip to London. Fantin introduces him to Berthe Morisot at the Louvre. Meets Gambetta.

1869 – Execution of Maximilian rejected by Salon, exhibits the Balcony. Eva Gonzalez becomes his pupil.

1870 – Duel with critic Duranty. Poses for Bazille’s Studio and is central figure of Fantin’s Studio in Batignolles at Salon. Break out of Franco-Prussian war in September. During Paris siege joins artillery regiment with Degas.

1871 – Joins family in Bordeaux during Commune.

1872 – Sells 29 paintings to Durand-Ruel for 51000 francs. Moves studio to 4, rue Saint-Petersbourg.

1873 – Bon Bock very successful at Salon. Beginning of friendship with Mallarmé.

1874 – Two paintings rejected at Salon. Refuses to show in first Impressionist exhibition. Spends summer near Monet at Gennevilliers, paints in Argenteuil.  Illustrate’s mallarmés translation of Poe’s Raven.  Berthe Morisot marries his brother Eugène.

1875 -  Argenteuil scandalizes Salon.

1876 – Exhibits rejected paintings to public in his studio, on this occasion meets actress Méry Laurent. Visits Hochédé (great Monet collector) in his country house in Montgeron.  Sales affected by general depression.

1878 – Helps Monets financially.  Low prices for his works on Hochédé sales. Moves studio to rue d’Amsterdam.  Begins having trouble with his leg.

1879 – Two paintings accepted at Salon. Hydrotherapy in summer at Bellevue. Begins portrait of Clemenceau. Singer Mlle Ambre exhibits Execution of Maximilian in New York with little success.

1880 – Execution of Maximilian exhibited in Boston, Chicago show is cancelled.  Solo show in offices of review La Vie Moderne in April. Greater Salon acceptance, jury considers medal. Cure at Bellevue in summer.

1881 – Two paintings accepted at Salon.  Receives second class medal.  His friend Antonin Proust made

Minister of Fine Arts in Gambetta government – proposes Manet for legion of Honour, nominated 30 Dec. Seriously ill.

1882 – Exhibits Bar aux Folies Bergère at Salon. Increasingly ill.  Summer at Rueil.

1883 – Bedridden.  Amputation of left leg fails to save him.  Dies April 30.

1884 – Large memorial exhibition organized at Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Catalogue introduction by Zola.

Sale of Studio contents (93 paintings, 30 pastels, 14 watercolors, 23 drawings) brings an “honorable” price of 115 000 francs.

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