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Paris Art Studies - Claude Monet I - 1840-1879



1840 – Born in Paris son of wholesale grocer Adolphe Monet and his wife Louise.

1845 – Family moves to Le Havre, most important port on English Channel coast.

1855 – Monet gains reputation for caricatures of local worthies.

1856 – Seacoast painter Eugène Boudin introduces him to open-air painting.

1859-60 – First visit to Paris, meets landscapist Constant Troyon and Realist circle.

1861-62 – Military service, stationed in Algeria.

1862 – Meets Jockind in Normandy, enters Gleyre studio in Paris where he will meet Bazille, Renoir and Sisley.

1864 – Painting in forest of Fontainebleau, on channel coast, around Honfleur and Le Havre.

1865 – Shows two seascapes at Paris Salon. Meets Camille Doncieux young woman of bourgeois background from Lyon. Begins Déjeuner sur l’Herbe.

1866 – Fails to finish Déjeuner sur l’herbe, works on Women in the Garden in Ville d’Avray.

1867 Women in the Garden refused in Salon. Birth of his son Jean, financial difficulties force him to move back to his family in Le Havre.

1868 – Living with Camille and Jean at Etretat.

1869 – Submissions rejected at Salon. Living and working in Bougival often in the company of Renoir and Pissarro.

1870Marries Camille, honeymoon in Trouville. Takes refuge in London in autumn after break-out of Franco-Prussian war.

1871 – Introduced in London by François Daubigny to his future dealer Paul Durand-Ruel. Returns to France via Holland, rents house in Argenteuil at end of year.

1872 – Visits imprisoned Courbet, works in Le Havre and Rouen, briefly returns to Holland, paints with Renoir in Argenteuil.

1873 – Decides to send nothing more to Salon.  Builds studio boat. Meets Caillebotte and agrees to group exhibition. Camille inherits from her father 15 000 francs.

1874First Impressionist exhibition at Nadar’s, 35 boulevard des Capucines April 15 to May 15. Monet shows 12 works including “Impression – Sunrise”.  Joined by Manet and Renoir in Argenteuil.

1875 – Auction sale of Impressionist paintings at Drouot, Monet sells for between 165 and 325 frs. Great financial difficulties, asks help from Manet, Camille taken ill.

1876 – Second Impressionist exhibition, shows 18 pictures.  Camille’s money is used up, visits collector Ernest Hoschedé. Begins Gare Saint-Lazare series.

1877 – Third Impressionist exhibition, exhibits 30 paintings. Still desperate financial straits.

1878 – Paris World’s fair. Monets settle in Vétheuil, Michel Monet is born. Hoschedé is bankrupt, sale of his collection, his wife, Alice and 6 children move in with the Monets at Vétheuil.

1879 – Fourth Impressionist exhibition, shows 29 pictures.  Following Renoir’s example decides to show at Salon again.  Camille dies in September. Gives up painting until winter.

1880 Does not show at Fifth Impressionist exhibition.  One painting shown at Salon.  Dealer Georges Petit buys 3 paintings. Paints on Normandy coast. One–man show at offices of La Vie Moderne weekly magazine published by Charpentier.

1881 – Does not show at Sixth Impressionist exhibition. Paints on Normandy coast. Moves with Alice and children from Vétheuil to Poissy.

1882 – Shows in Seventh Impressionist exhibition. Paints near Pourville on Normandy coast.

1883 – One man show at Durand-Ruel’s. Painting in Etretat. Moves form Poissy to Giverny.

1884 – Painting on the Riviera at Bordighera and Menton.

1885 – Shows for the first time with dealer Georges Petit. Painting in Etretat.

1886 – Refuses to show in eighth and final Impressionist exhibition. Shows with Petit. Paints in Holland

and Belle-Isle.

1887 – First sales to Boussod & Valadon through Theo Van Gogh. Shows with Petit.

1888 – Painting at Antibes. Shows Antibes landscapes at Boussod & Valadon. Refuses Légion d’Honneur.

1889 – One-man show at Boussod & Valadon. Painting in Fresselines on river Creuse. Major retrospective

at Petit’s – good sales. Begins organizing subscription for purchase of Manet’s Olympia for state.

1890 Begins grain stack series. Purchases house in Giverny.

1891 – One man show at Durand-Ruel’s includes 15 grain stacks. Paints Poplar series.



1892Poplar exhibition at Durand-Ruel’s. Paints Rouen Cathedral.  Marries Alice Hochédé.

1893 – Painting Rouen cathedral. Begins construction of water garden in Giverny.

1895 – Painting in Norway. Shows 20 paintings of Rouen cathedral at Durand-Ruel’s along with other work.

1896 – Painting at Pourville. Begins Early Mornings on the Seine.

1897 – Continues Early Mornings on the Seine.

1898 – Shows Early Mornings on the Seine and Pourville paintings at Petit’s.

1899 – Begins first series of water garden with footbridge motif. Paints in London at Savoy hotel.

1900 – Painting in London. First water garden paintings shown at Durand-Ruel’s.

1901 – Painting in London. Beginning of considerable alterations of water garden.

1903 – Begins second series of water garden paintings continued until 1908.

1904 – London series shown at Durand-Ruel’s. Visits Madrid to see Velasquez.

1908 – Painting in Venice.

1909 – 48 water garden paintings at Durand-Ruel’s.

1911Death of Alice.

1912 – Venice paintings exhibited at Bernheim Jeune. Cataracts diagnosed in both eyes.

1914 – Begins new studio in garden for execution of monumental water lily series.

1916 – New studio finished.

1918 – First plans to present Water Lily decorations to state.

1920 – Negotiations with state over presentation of the paintings – initial plan to install them in hotel Biron  (Rodin Museum).

1922 – Decorations presented to the state for installation in Orangerie.

1923 – Cataract operation in one eye partly successful. Reworking decorations until death.

1926 – Dies in Giverny in December.


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