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70s & 80s


issey-miyake.jpg Issey Miyake

Born in 1938 in Hiroshima, first Japanese designer to give a show in Paris. Creates the Jumpsuit.



karl-lagerfeld.jpgKarl Lagerfeld for CLOE and CHANEL

Cloe created in 1952 by Jacques Lenoir and Gaby Aghion

Lagerfeld takes the direction in 1964 after his collaboration with Balmain and Patou. Creates the double face crepe dresses, the pagoda or kimono sleeves. In 1983 takes the artistic direction of CHANEL a long and successful marriage for nearly 30 years.


madame-gres.jpgMadame Grès

Starts in the 1930’s creating dresses without taking in consideration the fashion waves of the decades to follow. Known for her fine draping work and the fluid lines of her creations.




yves-saint-laurent.jpgYves Saint Laurent

The retro collection creates a scandal, followed few years later by the Opera Ballet russe collection considered till today as one of his most accomplished collection.



sonia-rykiel.jpgSonia Rykiel

Becomes known in 1968 with her very fine striped pullovers and the very fluid unlined dresses. The last privately owned house of fashion in Paris.



thierry-mugler.jpgThierry Mugler

Starts in 1976, brings back narrow waist silhouettes, round hips and moulded bodies.

His perfume ANGEL becomes one of the most popular.





He arrives in Paris in 1965, opens his first shop in 1970 at the galerie Vivienne.

He imposes his own style, short dresses and tight shorts. His perfumes are sold all over the world.



One of the most modern creators of the early 80s

, he brings in the fashion world the unfinished the unshaped and the total freedom.



rei-kawakubo.jpgRei Kawakubo

She is behind the Comme des Garçons in 1983 she brings new volumes into fashion

Her colours are BLACK and WHITE, wool is one of her favourite materials.



jean-paul-gaultier.jpgJean Paul Gaultier

Enters the fashion world in the early 80s, bringing a new breath with his creations full of nostalgia and melancholy. The corset is back as huge zip, tulle and pointed busts.



jean-charles-de-castelbajac.jpgJean Charles de Castelbajac

He started back in the 70’s but in the beginning of the 80’s his collections based on art and daily materials as plastic and images of the Cambel’s soup tin and Coca-cola bottle or hand painted fabrics by Blais and Garouste or printed with famous people portraits brought him into the Fashion Pantheon.


christian-lacroix.jpgChristian Lacroix

His first collection in 1987 was received with great enthusiasm by the journalists and the public. Inspired by his natal place ARLS and the CAMARGUE his work remains amongst the most elegant ones.


claude-montana.jpgClaude Montana

Brings in the fashion the leather and lines that remind of Dior and Fath. He rounds the shoulders and darts are becoming important. The blue and grey, violet and green are some of his favourite colours.




popy-moreni.jpgPopy Moreni

For twenty years her work kept a theatrical aspect. She introduced the baroque and the ruffle became her accessory. The comedia del’arte and the circus are her sources of inspiration.




Born in the States in 1963, she moved to Spain and later she worked with YSL. She presented her first collection in 1983, since then she creates for different labels.

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