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Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres 1780 - 1867



1780 - Birth of Ingres in Montauban, son of a local painter and decorative sculptor and Anne Moulet daughter of wigmaker.

1790 - His father is appointed member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Toulouse.

1791-97 – Ingres studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Toulouse under Roques, Briant and Vigan (sculptor).

1794-96 – Studies the violin with Toulouse orchestra.

1797 – Leaves for Paris to study with Jacques Louis David.

1801 – Awarded the prix du torse for male academy and the Grand Prix de Rome for the Ambassadors of Agamenmnon.

         Owed to poor state of French finances is not awarded usual trip to Rome until 1806. Instead give 60 franc pension and studio

in Couvent des Capucines.

1802Exhibits in Salon.

1803Commissioned to paint portrait of Napoleon as First Consul for city of Liège.

1806Receives funds for trip to Rome. Arrives at French Academy in October after Italian tour. Exhibits Napoleon on his Imperial Throne at Paris Salon in newly inaugurated Musée Napoléon (Louvre).

1810Having completed his term at Villa Medici decides to settle in Rome. Introduced to important patron, Charles Marcotte, inspector of Forests and Waterways.

1811 – Receives two commissions for Napoleon’s new residence at Monte Cavallo: Romulus Conqueror of Acron and the Dream of Ossian.

1813Marries in Rome Madeleine Chapelle, a 30-year old  milliner from Guéret with whom he’d been corresponding.

1815 – A difficult childbirth ends with death of the baby. Definitive exile of Napoleon after Waterloo.

1817 – Receives commission from academy director Charles Thévenin for Christ Giving the Keys to St Peter for Sta Trinita the French Academy church in Rome. Receives commission to paint an over-the door decoration for throne room in Versailles, Roger Freeing Angelica.

1819Shows Grande Odalisque (commissioned by Caroline Murat, Queen of Naples but never delivered) at Paris Salon.

1820Moves to Florence with Madeleine. Copies paintings at the Uffizi and the Pitti.

1823Elected corresponding member of Paris Academy of Fine Arts.

1824Invited to Charles X’s coronation at Reims. Shows Vow of Louis XIII at Salon.  His paintings are favorably received, named

to rank of chevalier in the Legion of Honor.

1825Elected to the Academy of Fine Arts (wins by one vote over Horace Vernet) replacing deceased Vivian Denon, first director of the Louvre.

1826 – Declares he no longer wishes to paint any more portraits, dry and badly paid work. Commissioned to paint Apotheosis of Homer for ceiling of Galerie Charles X in Louvre. Given large studio at Institut de France, seat of the academies.

1829 – Named professor at the Ecole des Beaux Arts replacing Jean-Baptiste Regnault on a salary of 1600 francs a month plus 300 from his students.

1830 – Along with Delacroix, Delaroche, Deveria and Guérin spends a night guarding the paintings at the Louvre during the street fighting of the July Revolution.

1832Paints portrait of Louis-François Bertin publisher of the Journal des Débats. Exhibited in studio before moving to Salon.

1834Disappointed with critical reception of Martyrdom of St Symphorian at Salon, vows never to show there again. Applies for directorship of French Academy in Rome in replacement of Horace Vernet.

1835-41Restores and enlarges the Villa Medici under his directorship.

1840 – Commissioned to paint portrait of heir to throne the Duc d’Orléans.

1841 – Tsar Alexander II, visting Rome, commissions Virgin with Host. Returns to France.

1842 – Louis-Philippe buys Cherubini and the Muse of Lyric Poetry from his studio. Continues to refuse to show in Salon which he considers a “bazaar”.

1843 – Stays at château de Dampierre where the duc de Luynes has commissioned two great murals (Golden Age and Iron Age).

1845 – Promoted to rank of commander in the Legion of Honor.

1846Consents to solo retrospective exhibition which opens on boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle in January.

1849Madeleine Ingres dies of blood ailment at 67. A disconsolate Ingres leaves their shared apartment.

1851 Receives commission from new regime of Napoleon III for a Jeanne d’Arc at the Coronation of Charles VII.

1852 – At 71 marries 42-year old Delphine Ramel, a relative of his patron Marcotte.

1853 – Provided with studio in Louvre by comte de Nieuwerkerke, superintendent of fine arts.

1854 – Inauguration of “Ingres Room” in city hall of Montauban, his native city, with 50 canvases, antique vases and other gifts by the artist.

1855 – Important retrospective at Paris World Fair. Refuses to share medal of honor with 9 other French artists, including Delacroix. Threatens to boycott official ceremonies and is promoted to grand officer of the Legion of Honor by Napoleon III.

1857 To his great disgust Delacroix is elected to the Academy of Fine Arts.

1862 – Appointed to Senate, as representative of the arts, by Napoleon III.

1864 – An avenue in the new 16th arrondissement is named after him.

1866 – Drafts a will bequeathing all of his paintings, drawings and personal collections to the city of Montauban.

1867 – Dies at 86 in his apartment on the quai Voltaire in Paris.


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