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The Great Masters of European Art

Jean Siméon Chardin  1699 - 1779
1699 Born in Paris, rue de Seine, son of maitre menuisier (a billiard table maker) Jean Chardin, baptized in St Sulpice.
Apprenticed as a youth to Jacques Cazes (probably) and Noël-Nicolas Coypel.
1723Marriage contract with Marguerite Saintard.
1724received as master of Academy of St Luke.
1728 – Exhibits at “Exposition de la jeunesse” on place Dauphine the “Ray fish” and “Buffet”. Received (agrée) into royal Academy with the same paintings as painter “de talent des animaux et des fruits”.
1729 Leaves Academy of St Luke.
1731 – Marries Marguerite at last. Birth of son, Jean-Pierre.
1733 – Paints first figure paintings.
1735 – Death of Marguerite.
1737 – Re-opening of Louvre Salon (interrupted since 1704 except for 1725). Chardin shows 7 genre pictures. Most of the objects he paints appear in his wife’s post mortem inventory.
1738 – Publication of first engravings after his paintings, engraved by Cochin.
1740 Presented to King in Versailles. Offers Bénédicité and La Mère laborieuse to Louis XV.
1742 – Is seriously ill.
1744 Marries Françoise-Marguerite Pouget (37) a well-to-do widow.
1745 – Birth of a little girl (dies next year).
1747 – Recorded as residing in rue Princesse in his wife’s house.
1752 Offered a £500 pension by King.
1755 – Elected treasurer of Academy with the support of Charles Nicolas Cochin fils.
1757 Receives lodgings in the Louvre.
1761 – Named officially in charge of hanging Salon exhibitions at Louvre.
1764 Recommended by Cochin receives royal commission for 3 dessus de porte for Château de Choisy destined for Louis XV’s daughters.
1766 – Two more dessus de porte are painted, the “Attributes of the Arts”, one for Marigny (brother of Mme de Pompadour, the royal mistress and the Kings surintendant des bâtiments, the royal arts and architecture minister) for his château de Bellevue, and a second one for Catherine the Great of Russia.
1770 – At death of Boucher his pension is augmented by £400.
1771 Disgrace of Cochin his great ally in the art world.
1772– His son drowns in a canal in Venice (probably a suicide) Chardin suffers from kidney ailment.
1774 – Death of Louis XV. Chardin resigns from his post at the Academy.
1778 – Refused pension by new suritendant des bâtiments, Count d’Angivilliers.
1779 – Dies at 80 on 6 December in the Louvre.




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