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Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1841-1919

1841 – Born in Limoges 6th child of a tailor and a dressmaker.
1844 – Family moves to Paris.
1854-58 - Apprenticed to porcelain painter Lévy, takes drawing lessons from sculptor Calouette. In parallel studies drawing at Ecole des arts décoratifs in Paris (until 1862).
1858-59 – Works for blind manufacturer on the rue du Bac and paints fans for his brother Henri who is an engraver.
1860 – Granted permission to copy in the Louvre.
1861 – Admitted to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Enrolled at Charles Gleyre studio where he meets Claude Monet, Frédéric Bazille and Alfred Sisley.
1862 – First period of military service.
1864 – Second period of military service. Shows his first work at the Paris Salon. After Gleyre’s retirement abandons Ecole des Beaux Arts
1865 – Paints with Sisley along the Seine, meets first mistress and frequent model Lise.
1867 – Lives with Monet also penniless in Bazille’s flat on the rue Visconti. Diana the Huntress rejected at Salon.
1868 – Moves with Bazille to Batignolles district. His Salon exhibits mentioned in numerous articles including one by Emile Zola. Birth of a son, Pierre.
1869 – Living with parents in Louveciennes.  Sees Monet almost daily, paint together at La Grenouillère in Bougival.
1870 – At outbreak of Franco-Prussian war mobilized in Tenth Cavalry Regiment. Birth of daughter, Jeanne.
1871 – Demobilized in Tarbes after suffering a severe case of dysentery. Returns to Paris.
1872 – the dealer Paul Durand-Ruel buys his first paintings by Renoir from the artist. Lise marries an architect. Orientalist painting is rejected by Salon.
1873 – Meets friendly art critic Theodore Duret. Visits Monet in Argenteuil. Attends first meetings that will lead to the establishment of an independent group of artists: The Société anonyme coopérative des artistes peintres, sculpteurs, graveurs etc… (the future Impressionists)
1874 – Takes part in first exhibition of new society in April on blvd des Capucines. Visits Monet in Argenteuil in the summer.
1875 – Organizes auction of his and his friends’ work at hotel Drouot. Prices range from 50 to 300 francs. Meets his first important collector Victor Choquet.
1876 – Shows 15 works in second Impressionist exhibition. Works in garden of his new studio rue Cortot in Montmartre, paints Bal au Moulin de la Galette.
1877 – Shows 21 works in third Impressionist exhibition.
1879 – Declines with Cézanne and Sisley to show in 4th Impressionist exhibition, shows at the official Salon instead. Among his paintings there is the famous portrait of a publisher’s wife with her children, Mme Charpentier. Exhibits at the Galerie de la Vie Moderne (fashionable new magazine).
1880 – Again refuses to show in 5th Impressionist exhibition. Shows 4 works in Salon. Picks up more high society portrait commissions (Cahen d’Anvers). Meets his future wife Aline Charigot (1859-1915) a young seamstress originally from the village of Essoyes in Champagne.
1881 – Travels to Algeria. Does not participate in 6th Impressionist exhibition. Visits Italy in the autumn. Greatly impressed by Raphael’s frescos in Rome and ancient Roman paintings in Pompeii. His painting style becomes much more classical.
1882 – Meets Wagner in Palermo and paints a portrait of famous composer. Stays at L’Estaque in Provence where he works with Cézanne. Refuses to join 7th Impressionist exhibition.
1883 – Important one man show (70 paintings) at Durand-Ruel gallery. 10 of his paintings are also shown in London in exhibition organized by Durand-Ruel in New Bond Street. Travels to the Riviera with Monet. They also visit Cézanne.
1885 – Birth of his first son Pierre. Begins frequenting Berthe Morisot’s salon.
1886 – Refuses to take part in 8th and last Impressionist exhibition. Shows at Georges Petit gallery. Durand-Ruel disapproves of “new style”.
1889 – Refuses to participate in Centenary exhibition at Paris World Fair.
1890 – Shows, after first refusing (he disapproves of the new Poinitllism), with new progressive group , Les XX, in Brussels though he doesn’t visit the exhibition. Marries Aline Charigot in April in Paris (mairie of 9th arddt). Shows at the Salon for the last time.
1891 – Exhibition of recent work at Durand-Ruel’s. Introduces his wife to Berthe Morisot, she is not a success.
1892 – His friend Roujon (director of the Beaux Arts) persuades the state to buy a picture: Jeunes Femmes au Piano.  Great retrospective (110 works) at Durand-Ruel’s.  Visits Spain and is much stuck by Velasquez in the Prado.
1893 – Expresses his displeasure with Paul Gauguin’s exhibition at Durand-Ruel’s.

1894 - Death of Caillebotte who leaves all his pictures to the French state including Renoir’s Bal au Moulin de la Galette. Renoir is one of the executors of the will.  Gabrielle Renard a 16 year old distant cousin of Aline’s joins the Renoir household as new child minder. She will be one of Renoir’s most important late models. Birth of Renoir’s second son Jean (the future film maker). Suffers from important attack of rheumatism.
1895 – Death of Berthe Morisot. Renoir admires Monet’s Rouen Cathedrals at Durand Ruel’s and Cézannes paintings shown for the first time in Paris at Ambroise Vollard’s new gallery.
1896 – Installs Morisot’s retrospective show at Durand-Ruel’s with Monet and Degas. Solo show at Durand-Ruel’s (40 works). Visits Bayreuth for the Wagner festival but is in the end bored by the music.
1897 – The Caillebotte bequest is exhibited at Luxembourg museum.
1898 – Visits Cagnes on the Riviera for the first time. Group show with the other Impressionist at Durand-Ruel’s.
1899 – Undergoes treatment for rheumatism in Cagnes in February.
1900 – Shows 68 works at Bernheim Jeune gallery in Paris. Shows 21 works in Durand-Ruel’s gallery in New York.
11 paintings are shown at the Paris World Fair art exhibition. Given the order of chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur (apologizes to Monet).
1901 – Birth of this third son Claude (“Coco”) in Essoyes. Shows 23 works at Paul Cassirer’s gallery in Berlin.
1902 –  Shows 40 works in solo show at Durand-Ruel’s in Paris.
1903 –  Spends winter in the south in Le Cannet and Cagnes.
1904 – Shows 35 works in special room at the new Salon d’Automne in Paris.
1906 – The Nabi painter Maurice Denis visits him in Cagnes. Buys an estate, Les Collettes, in Cagnes and has a house built (1907-8).
1910 – Travels abroad for the last time to Germany, stays with art collectors the Thurneyssens.
1911 – Attends a performance of the ballets russes in company of Misia Godeska (now Mrs Edwards) one of the great muses of literary and artistic Paris of the 1890’s. Is made Officer of the Légion d’Honneur.
1912 – Exhibits at Thannhauser gallery in Munich and 74 works at Durand-Ruel’s in Paris. Suffers an attack of paralysis.
1913 – Five of his pictures are shown at the famous Armory show in New York.
1914 – Three of his paintings from the Isaac Camondo bequest enter the Louvre. Outbreak of WWI. His sons Pierre and Jean are wounded on the front lines in the autumn.
1915 – Aline Renoir dies in Nice.
1917 – Henri Matisse visit him in Cagnes.
1919 – Renoir dies of congestion of the lungs on 6 December in Cagnes. He is buried in his wife’s home village Essoyes (Aube).

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